Licensing Made Simple

When you purchase a TypoMaticFont, you are purchasing a license to use the font. You don't own it outright. At present we only offer the Desktop License.

WebFont, App licenses, Broadcasting and Gaming licenses will be available in the near future. 

Desktop License

Who is it intended for? The Desktop License is intended for individuals, design studios, marketing agencies, manufacturers, printers, freelancers, in-house designers and marketing teams.

What is it intended for? This license is purchased if you will be using the TypoMaticFont for designing mainly for print applications including logos, publications, posters, t-shirts, adverts, etc. You can also design static images (jpg, png, gif etc) with the desktop license for use on websites and social media – you do not need a Webfont license for this. Until the Webfont license is available you cannot embed the fonts into a website using @font-face or mobile apps. You cannot supply the font to other suppliers or other companies to use.

How many users or devices can use the TypoMaticFont? The Desktop license is priced according to the number of users that will be using the font. Please select the quantity next to the 'add to cart' button for how many people in your agency or organisation will be using it, or how many individual laptops or desktop computers will be using it. For instance if your want to use the font on your desktop and your laptop then you will need to purchase two licenses. A font and its license cannot be shared between multiple users or multiple devices. The license is a one-time payment and will never expire.